The Right Angle

A photolog and an inside look at how to have an art career when you already have a full time job and a family.
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Good morning! #doihavetogotoworktoday?

Dropped off some more inventory at @thefoundrie and saw the newly expanded space. It looks so nice!

Testing some new packaging for custom orders.

Body parts

We gave Oliver a tape dispenser an this is what he made. (it’s a rocket ship)

Upcycling for my upcoming #greenwithindy craft show. Keyboard magnets with framed magnet board.

Every night after we tuck him in, he turns on his lamp and creates. #lovehim

One proud Mama

1 week to 1 year. Crazy!

Excited to see my work at the Foundrie! #smallbusiness #local #handmade

My cuties!

Lots of product and lighted shelving! Come and shop! #camstl

Oliver is also having an art show. His is on Monday. He has one Lego magnet to sell and it is $31. :)

One of the perks of making photo magnets for a living. Our custom hipstamagnet board of the last 6 years of our life together. Finally complete!

Totally just went to Michaels in my slippers. #oops #soembarassing #onlysaw1personIknew